Ready to go? After a brief presentation of the vehicles, we'll discover the Organic vineyard! On board the Buggys we'll go in the vines rows, the first part of the visit (about 30 minutes) will reveal the main techniques of cultivation; then all aboard for the discovery of the St Emilion walls and some of the main village points of interest (about 30 minutes). The last part of the tour will be dedicated to the tasting of two Château Coutet wines (between 15 and 60 minutes depending on the availability of the Client and the Castle).


The plus: the guide will answer the questions relating to the organic cultivation of the vineyard and will explain the basic concepts of the most important operation that takes place in the vineyard, the PRUNING...... from where will depend the quality and quantity of the fruits, the shape and health of the vine and much more

Tropical Leaves

You will love !

Respectful of the environment

Start-up promoting ecological, silent and clean mobility.

Electric vehicle

Fully insured vehicle, approved for public roads, with a capacity of 2 or 4 people.

High Tech

Modern approach with audio and video support thanks to a latest generation tablet, interesting for adults and fun for children, outdoors and therefore COVID-free.

Unique discovery

Atypical and interesting visit for both connoisseurs and amateurs.