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A unique partner in France

Underground cellars from the Roman era of Château Coutet Saint Emilion (photo fam. David Beaulieu a.r.r.)

....... start of the visit, meet in front of the chateau on the driveway where the golf carts are parked.......and off we go!

It is at this moment that many clients ask me why, among the approximately eight hundred châteaux in Saint Emilion, I chose to turn to Château Coutet when I decided to embark on this nice adventure what is wine tours in Saint Emilion.

Most tourists, at the start of the visit just after the presentations and a quick explanation of what we are going to do during our wine tour in Saint Emilion, ask me how I came to work in Coutet, or for how many years I used to work at Coutet, or if I "worked" in other wine establishments.

In reality......I have never worked in Coutet vineyards or as cellar manager in this famous family estate!

It was in 2021, in the midst of the Covid crisis, that I decided to take a turn in my professional career which had been continuing for around ten years in as many châteaux, traditional and organic firstly as agricultural worker and tractor driver, then in the cellars, and finally as cellar master (de facto).

My passion for wine, as my expertise increased, led me to take advantage of regional training and in-depth courses which take place regularly in Libourne.

But, in my personal opinion, only one château stood out in Saint Emilion for its coherence in never having used phytosanitary products in the vineyard or herbicides, the name you already know......

And for me it was love at first sight, the beauty of the southwest-facing hillside where the oldest plots are located (the oldest, Peycocut, was planted in 1921), the presence of flora and a diverse microfauna, trees, meadows, sheep, ducks, hares and so on, without forgetting the authenticity of the staff and management, a family of winegrowers since 1601, did the rest.

But dynamism also characterizes the David Beaulieu team. The latest news is that you will soon be able to enjoy the new museum retracing the wine adventure of this family!

The wine tour from is a unique experience in France because, to our knowledge, in the world there is only one other company in South Africa offers an activity similar to ours.

See you for our new wine experience from April 2024!

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