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Finally a well-deserved rest.....for the vineyards!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Sure...... isn't so beautiful to look at the countryside in winter, especially if w're speaking about the rolling hills of Saint Emilion and its surroundings.....even the most romantic will let out a "sigh" looking at the yellow leaves, the falling rain, the soaked trees..... romantic, certainly, but also nostalgic!

What to do during the winter, other than wear a good pair of rubber boots (like the ones I used to wear during pruning or other winter work in the vineyard) and wander around in the silence of the Gironde countryside, without being disturbed by the noise of tractors and, above all, by any weedkiller/phytosanitary product sprays (remember that vineyard treatments are generally carried out from April to September).

The vineyard itself, which with its summer vegetation looks like an army of tidy little soldiers ready for battle, now skeletal and waterlogged certainly does not inspire the poet in us.

But it is ready for pruning, the most important operation in the vineyard!

And this can only be done in winter (you try pruning a plant when it is full of leaves!).

The sugars processed by photosynthesis in the summer are stored in the roots, the vineyard waits for the sun before starting a new life cycle, rests, reflects on how to short, have a good rest dear vineyard and..... see you again this spring for a Saint Emilion Wine Tour!

We, on the other hand, will talk to you again soon for the new post.....because it is so important to do a good pruning in winter! See you soon and Merry Christmas to all!

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