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Saint-Émilion Culinary Experiences

Explore Saint-Émilion's gastronomic scene, highlighting local restaurants that offer exceptional food and wine pairings.

There is a question that recurs very often during the Saint Emilion wine tour with our buggies.

When the customer's confidence is established, often towards the end of the tour or during the wine tasting, when the healthy country air and the 'red nectar' stimulate the appetites, the question arises: "Stefano, which restaurant would you recommend?"

The next question is usually: what is the typical dish of this area?

It is a pleasure for me to note the trust that customers place in me about this important matter (!), but I make no secret of the fact that I also take subtle pleasure in sharing my passion for food..... because I confess to being a glutton.

When two strangers find themselves with a common interest, whether it be wine, food, a sport, sailing or any other passion, a kind of complicity is established that immediately makes us feel more akin, almost friends.

I like to repeat a maxim, which is "when it comes to food and wine, Italians get serious".

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty, talking about typical dishes from the south-west of France:

MEAT - certainly in local restaurants and brasseries the main dish is the 'Confit de Canard'; this cooking technique involves dipping the duck legs in canard fat and cooking for 2 hours over a low heat. The result will be a surprisingly lean meat.

But let's not forget that in the region you can easily find excellent beef or veal from the neighbouring Limousin (breed of cow of the same name) or excellent fillet from Bazas, a town in the immediate vicinity of Saint Emilion; in both cases the dishes will go very well with local red wines.

FISH - In the region you'll easily find local oysters (from gulf of Gascogne) for those who prefers marine flavours or another atypical preparation, which involves the use of red wine while cooking the fish (!!!), namely "Bordeaux style Lamprey", with leeks, red wine and cured ham, all simmering for long hours.

Have you maybe worked up an appetite? Me too! Then I advise you to indulge in the area's excellent restaurants and brasseries. In Saint Emilion, you will find a concentration of "restos" to suit all tastes, from the simple bar-brasserie (with the unfailing french salads and, of course, the confit de canard) to 3 famous Michelin-starred restaurants in the city centre, including even a 2-star.

See you soon then for our Saint Emilion wine tour and.... keep a little dieting in anticipation of your delicious holiday!

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