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Saint Emilion Through the Seasons

Updated: Feb 18

When to Visit for an Unforgettable Experience

The sun is shining, neither too hot nor too shy, the green of the vine leaves is starting to turn yellow/orange/red, the rolling hills are a triumph of colour and look like neat rows of soldiers, huge armies ready to face each other in a great battle, at the end of which rivers of.................. wine will be poured!

Instead of cannons and tanks, electric buggies pass silently by, reviewing this calm army.......

We know that, for most people, the best season to have a Saint Emilion Wine Tour is the harvest, usually between mid-September and half of October.

If the summer was hot and dry, we will have a year that can normally be described as excellent: the harvest will be earlier, production quantity will be lower (with a better concentration of the qualities of the wine), the sugar content of the fruits will be higher (with a more alcoholic wine); the opposite if the summer was cold and humid, with a higher risk of contracting diseases of the vine or fruit, and the need for greater treatment (phytosanitary products or Bordeaux porridge, depending on whether the castle is or not organic).

But what if you can’t participate in the visit of Saint-Émilion at harvest time?

Don’t worry, there’s no problem.

Whatever the season of your Saint Emilion wine tour (except winter, which is the closing season of, our guide will tell you what happens in the vineyard....... every season has its work and something always happens in the vineyard.

Just as in spring, you will be able to appreciate the pleasant freshness of the already warmer air and the triumph of the awakening of nature, we will explain to you how we make the pruning, that is to say the pruning of about 90% of the branches of the vine, its fundamental importance, the difficulty of its correct execution, etc.

In summer, much of the work in the vineyard consists of ploughing the soil, antifungal treatments, epamprage, leaf stripping, green harvest, and much more.

Continue to follow us to discover with us the work carried out according to the phenological stage of the vineyard and, occasionally, do not hesitate to book your visit to Saint Emilion.... Every moment is worth it, we are waiting for you on

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