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What happens during the tour?

Gently immerse yourself in the world of wine and vineyards, discovering all the secrets of Saint Emilion - available from 1 to 26 people
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wandering vineyards...........

You have come this far, so you are curious, active, you love the world of wine and.... You have a thousand questions, of those that are always "been in your head", about the cultivation, the harvest, the processing of grape juice in barrels. Wonderful! After a brief presentation of St Emilion vineyards and of the castle that hosts us, you will be driven to discover the young vineyard, the plots worked only with horses and, finally, you will discover the centenary vineyard plot of Coutet...

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Tour vignoble Saint Emilion (33) Le Grand Tour , Eco Excursions. faite le tour du vignoble de Saint Emilion à bord de nos buggys électriques. Visite guidée Saint Emilion, randonnée autour du vignoble de Saint Emilion

..........and villages

.......after wandering through the green rolling hills maybe it’s time to discover curiosities and anecdotes about

St Emilion, a village rich in history, traditions, secrets..... to appreciate even more the wines of this region.

We will discover some of the most important monuments located at the village walls (using tablets if the group will be multilingual)  obviously before returning to the castle for the wine tasting!

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