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Terms of use

Every major participant under his own responsibility and aware of the relative civil and criminal consequences, shall declare and sign the following:

- I am in possession of a valid car licence valid in the French territory, without being under the influence of a suspension or cancellation of a licence and I undertake to respect the rules of the road

- I am aware of and agree to comply with verbal safety instructions

- I am over 21 years of age and under 84 years of age; children 3 years of age or older will be admitted, in any case the accompanying persons / parents accept that any accident, lesion, damage or injury which may result in injury, a disability, death will considered to be entirely under the responsibility of the accompanying persons / parents. can in no case be held responsible for any event occurring to the children present at the journey

- All handicapped or disabled persons who can access the vehicles themselves may be admitted to the participation as passengers provided that the driver of the vehicle and the disables person accepts that any event which might be of interest to the handicapped person (accident, damage, injury, injurious event that could lead to injury, disability, death) are considered to be entirely under the responsibility of the same

- I am aware of the risks and dangers involved in driving the electric vehicle during the excursion on roads open to and off the road, on foot, next to vines where injuries or unforeseeable events may occur

- In case of any accident where it is not ascertained the total guilt from part of a third vehicle, the franchige to pay to will pile to € 300,00, to pay immediately with credit card or cash. This amount is due to the deductible that will have to pay to his insurance.

- The Covid-19 face mask, if required by applicable law, will need to be worn

- By signing this release, I personally and fully assume responsibility for any damage incurred and any risks that may arise from driving the electric vehicle in connection with this journey

- I undertake to comply scrupulously with the traffic rules. I hereby discharge of any responsability and release for any traffic violation, for all consequences of inappropriate behaviour or a defect in driving, or for dangerous or reckless driving or for not physically following the driving directions of the guide

-  I forbid myself any liability action against, its directors, employees or agents in the event of accident involving the responsibilities of which I have released them, referred to above in this document

- Any mechanical incident unforeseeable by nature, or resulting from non-compliant use, shall not give rise to  a refund

- I declare that I am in good physical health, not pregnant and not under the influence of any drug, narcotic product or alcohol, that may interfere with my alertness or that may alter my behaviour

- I acknowledge that this disclaimer may be used by and its representatives in any field

- Taking into account my application and in order to be able to participate in this activity, I make the following commitments in my name and that of my executors, my heirs, my close relatives, successors and assigns; I RELEASE ECOEXCURSIONS.FR OF ALL LIABILITY, including, but not limited to, liability related to negligence which may result in my death, disability, injury, damage, bodily injury, theft or any action whatsoever which may happen to me. For this reason I UNDERTAKE NOT TO LEGALLY PURSUE or its representatives

- Wine tasting in St Emilion. I agree to pay the price of the tour. No refund can be made, whatever the reasons unless I cancel the booking at least 48 hours before the tour and notify Ecoexcursions by email or, if impossible, by phone; in this case I will be fully refunded with the exception of the bank booking fee (at the time of writing this document is € 1.80). In case the tour takes place within 24 hours from the time of booking I'll ask for confirmation of availability by phone at 0033 749 777 672.


- I declare that I assume the responsibility of the passenger or accompanying person. The children are under the guardianship of their accompanying persons and can participate only as a passenger; the driver is entirely responsible for this. In the event of an accident, damage to others, property or a third party that the management of will judge of its competence, the liability of the latter is limited exclusively to the coverage provided by the insurance company (conditions available on request).

Management reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time, without notice and without justification, subject to reimbursement of the tour price.  Any damage or expense incurred by the customer due to the cancellation of the tour, of any kind, will not be refunded. At the time of booking the customer accepts the above in full.

alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation

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