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Why choose our visit? Come, and you will already be on the Wine Route. Visit the estate, the Plantation, learn not everyone, but many of the secrets of the Cultivation of the vine, its grape varieties, visit the winery and much more.


To learn more about the Vine and wine, we will start with the Vineyard Tour. For your convenience, visits will only be made by reservation, which will allow the Winery to prepare the tasting, allowing you to discover the wines and the cellars.


The entire vineyard of Saint Emilion is composed of more than 800 castles, whose dimensions are often very small, sometimes too large. A Chateau coutet have their prestigious wines, their particular cellars. There are many famous wine areas in the world, but I think that even today St Emilion represents absolute excellence at the universal level.


A day with family or friends? There is nothing better than to visit the estate, its famous vineyard, discover new wines or, by reading Wine List of the castle, treat yourself to a prestigious bottle. Wine tourism cannot ignore the quality and consistency of the wine estate you visit, the charm of a Grande Cave, the fatigue of independent winemakers, spending a day around wine, what’s better in a holiday day?


Your Saint Émilion Wine Tour will be performed with specialized staff, often the same Winemaker of the castle will explain the elaboration processes, telling you some anecdotes about Oenology, Wine Tasting and much more. Follow the Wine Route (or the Wine Route if you prefer), discover with us the great red wines of the South West, these famous crus and perfect in their balance.

We’re waiting for you!


Coming directly from Italy Stefano has worked in the vineyard and cellar until becoming cellar manager.


He has collaborated with several châteaux over the past 10 years, including several grand cru classé and a premier grand cru classé in St Emilion and in the surrounding region, organic vineyard or traditional.


He decided to create his own company to be able to share all his knowledge with visitors through a very different activity.




April - October


10 am to 6 pm


From 3 years old

Special seat will be provided


visit available for disabled people (our seat are quite high from the ground)


Château Coutet Alley


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